Simple Real Estate Solutions, Inc


  • We raise private capital and equity for real estate transactions

  • We manage real estate investments

  • We supply off market opportunities for our VIP clients

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How do we accomplish our mission

While working with a community of like-minded investors, we are able to accomplish our mission through mutually beneficial relationships focusing on partnerships and collaboration for active and passive investors.


Our Impact

Our Real Estate foundation is focused on the following four key elements and are required to be followed in this highly disciplined order:


Risk Profile

Assessment and mitigation


Backed by something tangible



Zero debt creates high inefficiencies in the use of money


return on investment

The absolute last element to consider

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Our Target Real Estate Transactions:

Lower Risk Asset transaction that provides a Consistent Above Average Return

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The more simple the transaction, the lower the risk is. Stay away from complicated transactions!


Risk Mitigation Strategies

  1. Property entity structure

  2. Multiple exit strategies

  3. Secured

  4. Leveraged

  5. Insured